Why More Restaurants Are Turning to Big Data

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Businesses are increasingly depending on big data to gain insights that would be too time-consuming or impossible to retrieve through other methods. It’s not surprising, then, that restaurant brands are following that lead. There are numerous reasons why they do so, and the following are some of the most prominent.

Boost Customer Experiences

Data gathered by the NPD Group warns of a two-percent decline in growth for full-service restaurants and no growth for quick-service restaurants.

Another survey carried out by Reuters/Ipsos at the beginning of 2017 found that a third of adults in the United States said they were eating out less frequently than during the three months before the poll. In most cases, the change was due to price increases.

Even if restaurants aren’t willing to make menu items cost less, they’re investing in big data that could make the overall experiences more pleasant for the people who choose to spend their hard-earned dollars dining out.

Chomp, a Rhode Island burger restaurant, extracts a wide variety of information from compiled data. All of it could help people have more favorable opinions of restaurants and what it’s like to eat at them.

For example, it’s possible to look at the occupancy of a restaurant per hour …

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