Why is Elon Musk Afraid of AlphaGo-Zero?

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The world dreams of a free market where every individual can contribute to the society and economy in his or her own capacity. But the downside to every beautiful thought is the presence of the ugly truth. The world economy is monopolised and free-trade is almost non-existent with big conglomerates and corporations calling the shots.

And this trend has started to trickle into the technology and innovations sector as well. Blue-chip firms and Big Data giants have started to monopolise the market because of the resources and data at their disposal. Not only are they controlling the markets, but have also managed to develop technology that surpasses its competitors by miles!

One such software that is on the radar yet relatively unspoken about is the AlphaGo AI that was created by the Deep Learning Company ‘DeepMind’, which was acquired by the data giant Alphabet (The Company that owns Google).

You might be wondering about the big deal behind a company developing an AI. Every other company or tech-startup is creating one.

It’s the magnitude of effectiveness that has sparked off the debate amongst closed circles. The AI, that was created by DeepMind, was named ‘AlphaGo’ and was designed for a single purpose only and …

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