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A recent boom in discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence has led to a new wave of AI-based products and services, with professionals in virtually every industry having their fields turned upside down thanks to disruption brought in by AI. Nonetheless, marketers have failed to take advantage of the recent boom in AI spending, and tech-savvy professionals aiming to get their hands on the latest gadgets are beginning to wonder why AI isn’t taking hold in marketing.

Here’s why marketing professionals have been adopting AI into their strategies at a lackluster pace thus far, and what AI has in store for marketers in the near-future.

Not everyone is investing in AI

We’re often told that artificial intelligence has become an integral part of the field of marketing; today’s leading marketing firms are investing in the development of AI with a newfound fervor, and the industry is supposedly getting taken over by a surge of behind-the-scenes AI programs.  However, not everyone is investing in AI; many marketing professionals are shunning AI altogether, and many traditional marketing agencies are still relying on more tried-and-true methods for success.

That’s going to change soon, however; like virtually every other industry, including video games, the field of marketing …

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