Why I Worry About Semi-Autonomous Cars

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The technological background

The invention of the self-driven cars is marked as one of the extraordinary steps that have been made in technology. With this technology installed into our cars, it creates concerns over whether one should proceed to teach themselves some driving skills in case one was a novice at the skill. The technology behind self-driven cars is sophisticated and ordinary minds cannot grasp the idea behind this type of revolution. In a nutshell, the semi-autonomous vehicle technology serves to ensure safety by doing all the driving for you. In a scenario where the weather is much cloudy, and the road is not visible, then the self-driven cars come in hand with their senses and their robotic driving capabilities. Notably, the semi-autonomous can outshine the human driver and drive miles without bumping into a vehicle or driving into the wrong lane.

The smartness that the self-driven cars present the users is beyond our thinking. It is clear that computers are here to make things easy for us while making us lazy. For instance, can you imagine yourself getting into a car each morning, then the car drives off from the parking area by itself and heads to the highway by itself! …

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