Why Digital Innovation Starts with a Digital Core

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A lot of times when the prevalent industry trends are discussed among industry folks, there are usually two directions in which the conversation goes. It is either varying states of disbelief at the rate of change within the business and IT landscapes; or it is enthusiastic agreement on the importance of moving with the times and adopting a digital infrastructure. The former is born of a dedication to supposedly “tried and tested” methods, which arguably are worth next to nothing in this day and age. And the latter is what more and more business leaders and executives need to be doing at the moment.

Relevance of Digital Transformation

The economy, for the most part, has begun to undergo a massive change in the way the entire infrastructure and various other components function. This is due to the onset of the digital age, which has made the idea of a “traditional” economy effectively obsolete; and in good time too, since the relevance of digital transformation is growing by leaps and bounds each day, with the completion of that transformation being predicted to be around 2020, according to some industry experts.

It is estimated that a whopping 212 billion (yes, Billion!) sources will be in …

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