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We’ve been so inundated with claims about the IoT that it’s hard to know what to take seriously and what to ignore, but one thing is growing increasingly clear to everyone across the market – if the IoT is to survive, data sharing must continue to become the norm. The ceaseless expansion of data sharing policies across the market has been one of the prime engines of the IoT’s growth thus far, and much of its future will be determined over whether the internet and data sharing is transparent or downright impossible.

Here’s why data sharing is the main driver for IoT development, and what companies and aspiring entrepreneurs need to know about the future of the internet.

Data sharing is becoming more profitable

The primary reason that the IoT has been propelled forward by a ceaseless trend of data sharing thus far is that sharing your information with others in the market is an immensely profitable gambit. While many companies were understandably hesitant to share their data with others at the start of the 21st century, believing they were giving away trade secrets, open data sharing and more transparent operations have become the norm in many spots around the globe. A culture …

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