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In the age of the internet, call centers don’t seem like they should still be relevant, yet companies continue to expand their facilities. What’s the secret? When it comes to customer service, people want an immediate response and a human touch to guide them through complicated problems. Fascinatingly, it’s AI that’s making it possible for companies to offer more humanized interaction around service needs – and this new technology is designed to scale.

AI Enters The Call Center

A variety of AI systems are ready to take over customer service, and while that was previously confined to the voiceless world of chatbots, Google recently released human-sounding AI that’s ready to answer phones in call centers. The fact that the system sounds human is particularly important because callers tend to reject overtly robotic phone systems; they’re fine for directories but inappropriate at the service level.

Call center technology also feeds off of the growing voice search market. As more people use varied, spoken commands to find information, tech companies have been pressed to create software that can handle natural language processing smoothly and respond to a greater variety of requests and phrasings. Though voice search was largely designed to work with smart home devices, …

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