Why Breach and Attack Simulations are a Must for Cybersecurity

Due to the increasing risks brought about by cyberattack threats, cybersecurity has risen to the top of the agenda of most organizations. Companies are investing heavily in IT and cybersecurity solutions are expected to account a significant portion of overall spending. Gartner projects that over $124 billion will be spent on information security this year.

However, there is more to cybersecurity than simply adopting and integrating security solutions. One major pitfall for many organizations is trusting that their adopted tools actually work. This can be a very dangerous attitude to take given the prevalence of advanced persistent threats. While enterprise security solutions provide ample protection for the most part, each organization’s situation is unique. There can still be gaps in integration, endpoints and applications may contain vulnerabilities, or even end-users can make mistakes.

This is why companies are still encouraged to test their defenses. Traditionally, this is done through penetration testing where IT teams or security experts probe the organization’s infrastructure using tools like Nmap and Metasploit to check for vulnerabilities. However, performing such tests typically requires expertise that not all organizations may have, especially today when there’s a shortage of security skills in the job market.

Fortunately, breach and attack simulation (BAS) solutions are …

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