Why Blockchain-as-a-Service Should Replace Servers and the Cloud

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Blockchain and big data are very similar in one big way: it’s all about how you use them. Much like the Force in Star Wars, blockchain and big data are powerful tools that can be used to serve the dark or the good side. You could say they’re two sides of the same coin. While blockchain is still emerging into the light, you might not think of big data in this way because plenty of very legitimate organizations use it for legitimate purposes; but you can be sure plenty of dark web denizens view big data as a dark tool.

The Dark Side of the Coin   

There’s a huge question mark hovering over the fate of millions of people. Without blockchain and big data, that question mark wouldn’t be quite as big as it is.

Consumer identity data from the Equifax breach is already popping up for sale on the dark web. This is lifetime data—Social Security numbers, names, addresses, credit card numbers—from 143 million Americans and 67 percent of UK citizens. Terbium Labs reports that a Tor Hidden Service on the dark web claimed to have the entire cache of data less than 12 hours after the Equifax breach, and demanded …

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