Why Artificial Intelligence Has Its Negative Sides Too

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence as a technology has been welcomed with a lot of accolades and commendations. Everybody keeps thinking about the benefits and convenience it comes with. But only a very few people have thought about its negative aspects. This article seeks to compare the advantages of Artificial Intelligence to its disadvantages and leaves the reader to conclude if the technology is really worth it. 

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence comes with a lot of convenience like no other technology and it is being adopted in different industries. Nobody will encounter any application of Artificial Intelligence and not fall in love with the technology. Before the disadvantages of the technology is delved into, it is necessary to outline some of its most popular applications

Automatic Lawn Mowers

A very good category is lawn mowers. Gone are the days when you will need to handle the mower and move about with it to manually mow every part of your lawn. Now there are several types of Do-it-yourself Remote Control Lawn mower. You can now mow the lawn right in your living room. In short, mowing the lawn has just become fun.

Smart Refrigerator

Another wonderful smart home gadget that is worthy of mention is the …

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