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As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to explode, so does the need for the analysis of IoT data. At IIA, we call the analysis of IoT data the Analytics of Things (AoT). There are many success stories from the world of AoT. However, without some attention to standards of both IoT data itself and the analysis of it, organizations will struggle to achieve AoT’s potential. In this post, we’ll dig into several different areas where standardization must be pursued.

IoT Communications Standards

Many devices need to communicate with one another. Sometimes, this communication is a simple exchange of sensor readings, while in other cases it is the passing of complex analytics results. Without standards around how these communications occur, issues will arise. Some scenarios are fine with localized standards, while others require global standards.

To illustrate a local standard, consider a smart kitchen. That kitchen might have a wide range of appliances that all communicate to help keep everything running smoothly. As long as each brand of kitchen appliance has a standardized protocol, my kitchen works perfectly as long as I stick to a single brand. The fact that my neighbor has a different brand with a totally different set of standards doesn’t matter …

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