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Information security and data privacy are more important now than ever before, but countless companies and individuals alike are dropping the ball when it comes to encrypting their most important information. For years, encryptions measures haven’t been sufficient to stop nefarious hackers from breaching company firewalls or making off with individuals’ personal data, and it seems like IT professionals have few solutions to these problems.

Luckily for consumers in the 21st century, big data-backed encryption practices are becoming more common, and stand to revolutionise how we understand information security practices. Not all big data encryption enterprises are created equally, however, and companies that back the wrong horse could pay the price. Here’s everything you need to know about sound big data encryption.

Investment is soaring upwards

It’s indisputable that big data-based encryption practices are no longer mere fads, but are indeed a driving force of today’s global IT market. The big data security market alone is expected to reach an astonishing $26.85 billion as soon as 2022, and it’s a matter of fact that individuals and companies of all shapes and sizes will continue to employ big data analytics operations when it comes to keeping their information private. But is everyone getting a …

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