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Gone are the days when you would walk into a brick and mortar store and buy an item that doesn’t match your preferences and interests. People are no longer forced to buy the readily available products as demand for personalized shopping experience continues to rise. Moreover, the rise in tailor-made experiences and e-commerce competition is evolving. Significant strides in technology such as 3D printing have made it possible for brands to embark on what used to be cost-prohibitive customization. Customers no longer settle for less when they can get eyewear or a pair of trousers that fit their specifications. Here is why customization is so popular, and its impact on customer loyalty.

On-Demand Personalization

There is an underlying demand for personalized shopping experiences in today’s business landscape. In fact, on-demand personalization is set to rise as technology makes it easier for designers to tailor clothes and shoes based on the needs of the customers. However, product customization isn’t a new concept in the business landscape. In the past, tailors and cobblers would make clothes and shoes around their clients’ needs. However, customization got lost when mass products hit the market. Top brands are making strides towards offering customized consumer goods. For example, …

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