What’s Wrong with Big Data

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Big data may be the technology getting all the buzz nowadays, but that does not mean that it is infallible. Big data has wreaked havoc in many situations, yet the exact reasons are not always clear. They could be the detection of false positives, technical glitches, lack of tools, shabby data, incorrect data or even unnecessary data.

Needless to say, if you have some of the errors mentioned above, the results will be completely different from what you were expecting. To make matters worse, the results are sometimes not analyzed, which can result in some unpleasant consequences.  

Flaws of Big Data

Thanks to big data and the cloud, the powers of supercomputers are everybody’s for the taking. However, what we lose in the mix is that the tools we use to interpret, analyze and apply this tsunami of information usually has a fatal flaw. Most of the data analysis we conduct is based on erroneous models which means that mistakes are inevitable. And when our overblown expectations exceed our capacity, the consequences can be dire.

If big data was not so ginormous, this would not be such a big problem. Unfortunately, given the volume of that we have, we are able to use …

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