What the Future Looks Like for IoT Consumer Products thanks to Machine Learning

There’s been a lot of buzz about how machine learning could help IoT consumer products get smarter. The principle behind IoT is that machines get to communicate with one another through the internet. As the situation currently stands, we have to give most of the machine instructions manually.

The Extent of IoT Consumer Products at the Moment

There are plenty of smart mobile applications that allow you to monitor your home from any location. Others even let you confirm whether or not you locked the door before you left the house. These smart home applications can also allow you to set the thermostat temperature and control it remotely.

Other independent, smart devices at home include the smart coffee maker that prepares your favourite brew at the time most convenient for you. However, you have to input the time manually so that the coffee maker can know when to work. With smart lighting, you have to also have to set when they should come on and go off. You have to tell your smart stereo system to switch itself on if you want to listen to some music.

IOT smart devices have not reached the required level of intelligence to allow them to function by …

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