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In its latest report, Gartner predicts that by 2021, almost 90% of the current enterprises will require to replace blockchain platforms in order to stay relevant, competitive, protected and not become redundant. With blockchain becoming the go-to technology for most industries, the popularity keeps increasing. Businesses from almost every country, major organizations and even the government have started implementing this technology in their processes and development.

Looking at the extremity of its demand, blockchain technology has overpowered its prowess in every field possible. It is not just the finance and the banking sector that is gaining benefit out of it but even the other sectors such as healthcare, legal, startups, e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing have gained full advantage.

The impermeability is the spotlight that this technology offers, a major reason why the world is in love with blockchain. And since the emergence of Bitcoin, the underlying technology behind this has brought about the growing demand for this technology. As a consequence, there has been a dramatic rise for professionals such as blockchain engineer, blockchain specialists and blockchain developers.

But the lack of blockchain skills is still a top priority that organizations are struggling to overcome. A Bloomberg study reported that in 2017 the …

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