What is the KI SOCIAL?

KI-SOCIAL is a web-accessible platform that is powered by patented technology and an in-house data library; our platform helps hundreds of brands and agencies answer critical business questions through the insights derived from social data. KI SOCIAL takes sentiment beyond positive and negative to include features and analytics such as purchase intent, customer satisfaction, product reviews and other categories specific to an organization. Our platform is language-agnostic. KI-SOCIAL includes various modules that allow our lead scientists and research  analysts to aggregate and monitor content across various social media platforms including Twitter.  KI Social provides a combination of data intelligence from reputable sources and enables the configuration of keyword monitoring, feeds, and much more.   Doing so helps to analyze the data so that system users can listen to their target audiences’ sentiment and opinions, so they can react and respond accordingly.


With various innovative technologies and numerous experts in compliance with US, Canadian, and European legislation and privacy standards, KI DESIGN is able provide trusted and innovative solutions for developing social media monitoring services.   Our depository contains over a trillion posts across platforms dating back to 2008 and aids in access and analysis, and which features real time social media and web coverage and automatic sentiment analysis.










  • Explore
    • Description: Analyze your tweets and followers
  • Cultivate
    • Explore + find out the influential users, popular content to tweet, and who to follow
  • Analyze
    • Cultivate + query and analyze custom keywords that fit your interests
    • Have access to dynamic graphs to visualize your community and keywords
    • Find out who is talking, what they are talking about, and how you fit within the conversation
  • Promote
    • Do you have a cause or product to promote? This feature lets you track mentions of your product to see who is tweeting about it, what they are saying, and lets you analyze community sentiment to better promote yourself or your product
  • Lead
    • For politicians – our KI Social-exclusive feature, in partnership with NewPolitico, offers features such as geo-location (see what people in your riding/state/province are tweeting), follow conversations, do opposition research, and understand what constituents care about
  • Discover Health
    • Analyze what people are saying about health, sickness, and other medical related topics.



Unlike other social media analytics services, KI SOCIAL is able to offer:

Service 24/7/365: Unique to this tool is that the searches do not run out or expire until they are turned off. Unlike other systems, should our server go down there is a redundancy system available. Clients will be notified automatically if there is a problem, as well as be updated regarding corrective measures and service resumption.


Historical Data: KI SOCIAL provides a large indexed social media database.The KI-SOCIAL can also go back in time to examine historical events; this means that even when it is turned off, our tool provides a historical and representative archive of twitter all day long. Users have unlimited access to historical data (across multiple data sources and content channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Forums, Google Plus, Tumblr, Reviews, News, YouTube, etc.), adding up to over a trillion documents stored in the data repository. Users can select the date range (far beyond 30 days) to which they wish to conduct their analysis for comparison. This allows users to retrieve social media monitoring results and reports for comparative analysis. Furthermore, users can perform historical searches (going back to 2008).


Useful Reports: Users can export the metrics and data from each analysis into Excel, PDF, or image format (Jpeg). Additionally, Workspaces allow users to pull in multiple visuals from a variety of analyses into one comprehensive report, or Excel workbook. Finally, if interested, data can be extracted through the API.


Analyze multiple languages: KI Social can track social media conversations in multiple languages, including English and French.


Customized Text Analysis: KI SOCIAL allows users to review conversations and select examples, offering flexible, customizable text analysis. The following diagram illustrates how KI Social can deliver text along with links to the user and data source (the user would click on the time-stamp for the source hyperlink).


Geographical Data: We determine the countries and cities where tweets originate using a mix of geo-tagged coordinates from mobile devices, and other attributes such as users’ profile/bio information, time zones, languages and content of their tweets.


Instant Analysis of You and Your Competitors: Results will run immediately after you tell the tool what accounts and what time frame you would like to monitor. New Politico can monitor your own content as well as your peers’ and opponents’.


Various Analytics Techniques: New Politico uses the following analytic techniques:

  • NLP (Proprietary)
  • NLP (Via Partner)
  • Keyword-Based Sentiment Analysis
  • Pattern-Based Analysis
  • Location-Based Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Machine-Learning: Active Learning
  • Image Analytics

Seamless User Experience: Users can access dashboards from any device, including phones, and tablets, with the ability to view and interact with the dashboard seen.




Building your brand

Individuals and companies who are about effectively analyze social media content will always be one step ahead of the game. Advanced social media analyzing tools, such as the KI SOCIAL can monitor social media (i.e.: Twitter and Facebook) and other internet platforms (i.e.: blogs, forums and media sharing websites) and provide actionable steps. For example, the tool can allow you to identify key people or up and coming figures who can help you advance your campaign and draw national attention. Having the right people on your team is crucial. Further, such social media analyzing tools can benchmark and track the performance of your social media accounts to identify which content is driving engagement and understand whether those conversations are positive or negative, who’s getting involved, and more.



Design your marketing campaign

Our tool can offer you an insight into public opinion and thought, which can help you plan for the next big marketing campaign move. Our analysis can show you a ‘live’ update of the keywords people are using to talk about a certain topic, and who the most influential people are. This allows campaign PR teams to respond appropriately to what people are saying, so you can engage with those whose views carry the most weight.


Track Competitors

Our competitor analysis gives you the potential to alter the social media landscape, engage with a wide-range of audiences and gage intention of your political competitors. Our critical analysis of competitor behavior elucidates the space you occupy in the business area and allows you to comprehensively prepare for future threats and campaign detractors. With the analysis provided, your party can bridge weak spots to increase political influence and implement value-based messaging to attract a wide demographic.


Know your Audience Better

An audience analysis is helpful for companies looking to improve engagement based upon inquiry and audience demographics. In social media analytics, audience analysis refers to researching the interests, preferences, demographic, location, and other aspects of a group. KI SOCIAL is capable of allowing users to continuously monitor and analyze audiences on social media on a daily basis near real time.


Be more visible

In parallel to our above points, we need to stress the need to be visible. You cannot expect to build a great personal brand just from behind your computer or Instagram page. We recommend doing various forms of socializing and marketing- attend industry conferences, allow incoming messages on your social media platforms, host meet and greets, hold live video sessions, post on YouTube etc. The options are endless.  The more people you know and more importantly, the more people you reach, the stronger your brand will be.


Share More Valuable Content

We cannot highlight the importance of becoming a source of information. In fact, many experts say that you know your brand is strong when people rely on you as a source of relevant information. You should strive to be ‘the person’ people contact for breaking news or expert advice. This can help you build your following and ultimately, attract more people to viewing you as credible.


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