What is the Key to Securing your Big Data Environments

Big data environments are now more common in companies; nearly every industry has its hand in the cookie jar. Because of this, companies are generating more data today than any other point in history. Vast “silos” of information are being structured and filled every day giving companies a competitive advantage to better tailor their products to their customers’ needs. But with this growth of big data and big data environments, we are also seeing growth in cybercrime as well. Security for big data has become a great concern in the last few years. Much of the data that is gleaned is sensitive; we know it, you know it, and cybercriminals absolutely know it and love it.

For companies that run big data environments, securing their data warehouses and modes of deployment is vital to not only their success but also to their customers’, clients’ and business partners’ privacy. Knowing how to secure your big data isn’t as difficult as it might sound.

Security strategies can be found through asking specific questions such as “Who is running specific big data requests,” “What analytics requests are users running” or “Are users trying to download sensitive data or is the request part of a job …

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