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The impact of the Internet of Things across various industries has been well-documented, but how about fashion? If you’ve ever lamented the lack of connectivity in your sweater, then smart clothing is definitely for you.

Combining IoT with fashion makes a lot of sense, as it takes advantage of objects that we have on us all the time. At the moment, the industry for ‘wearable’ technology has mostly focused on smartwatches, but IoT has huge untapped potential in the fashion industry.


One major potential use of smart clothing is as a health accessory, utilising our clothes to monitor and measure the wearer’s health. In March 2018, tech startup Emglare announced that they are developing a line of smart clothes that include an ECG and heart rate sensor. The smart clothing will send this data straight to your phone through an app, allowing you to analyse your health closely.

While you can expect to see Emglare smart clothes in the near future, another tech company is taking the concept of wearable tech a little bit further. 

Frogtech is predicting that drones will be the future of wearable devices, and are working on a number of concepts including a small oval drone called Breathe, that will …

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