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Tesla cars might someday become the premier vehicles on the road. The world always moves forward and electric vehicles most definitely reflect where the car industry is headed. Electric vehicles are not novelties. The cars bring with them a great many positive benefits that traditional gasoline-fueled cars lack. Since electric vehicles are so new, not everyone knows what to expect from the cars. Questions about high-mileage Teslas may not get easy answers. After all, Teslas are quite new so there probably won’t be too many models out there with significant mileage. Manufacturers do have an idea how to answer such questions. Among the more intriguing questions to ask is “What happens to a Tesla S once it hits 300,000 miles?”

The Tesloop Car

A company called Tesloop actually did put 300,000 miles on a Tesla Model S. The results were somewhat shocking. The vehicle rarely required any serious maintenance. Overall maintenance costs were only in the $10,000 range. Even at 300,000 miles, the vehicle operates well. A standard car would doubtfully be able to reach mileage that high with the original engine. Combustible engines are not designed to last that long.

Of course, an electric car does not run on a traditional engine. …

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