What Does Alibaba’s Latest Cloud Computing Move Mean for the Competition?

When it comes to cloud computing, most people will think of some of the major players in that market. Names like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google automatically come to mind, but they may soon be joined by another competitor, one not as well known within the U.S.

The Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba has made some recent and significant strides at expanding its cloud business, and it’s making waves among the cloud computing community. Alibaba recently announced that its cloud unit Aliyun will be opening a data center in Singapore.

This will serve as an international headquarters for Alibaba. While the announcement might seem rather mundane and unimportant on this side of the world, this move could be just a sign of things to come as Alibaba works to expand its influence and compete with the other big names in the cloud to store your big data.

The details of this major move by Alibaba reveal just how significant the company’s strategy is. Alibaba invested $1 billion in Aliyun with the express intent of global cloud expansion. Establishing a data center in Singapore is just part of the plan. Data centers have already been built in Hong Kong and Silicon Valley, outside of those that …

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