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With the constant changes happening in the technology industry and the ever increasing cyber security threats, businesses are eager now more than ever to protect their data and company assets. As more and more devices come equipped with internet capabilities, create data, and store personal information, there are more routes available for hackers to access this information and for a business to experience a security breach.

Cyber security is necessary for developing and conducting the appropriate safety measures that will ultimately protect an organization’s computer systems, networks, and confidential information. Having access to the best talent and technology is crucial for businesses and other institutions to keep up with and surpass the threats and constant efforts of cyber hackers. With these shifts in technology, whether they be data storage or video analytics, traditional perimeter protection tools are just not enough anymore. As businesses look for security solutions to invest in, they should consider funding a security analytics project as part of their cyber defense program.

Security monitoring and analytics proves to be one of the most fundamental services within a business’s information security system. Establishing your own in-house security operations center within your company to manage comprehensive monitoring and alerting services can …

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