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Storytelling is an art that is simple and complex at the same time. Stories provoke thought and bring out insights and it is similar for large and complex data sets as well. Companies collect a lot of information through various data sources and store it in a single file. Through years this data keeps on increasing and by the time an organization realizes; the data becomes unmanageable. What organizations fail to understand here is that the best stories not presented well, end up being useless. Therefore, it is very important to start dealing with complex data sets using analytics and visualization; the art of storytelling.  

Challenges in managing complex data:

Data is big
Data is unstructured
Data is dirty or of bad quality 
Data is incomplete, inaccurate and contains duplicates

Usually, because of such complexities in data, most of the companies are unsure whether they are travelling the right direction or not. Appropriate data cleansing activity could help here, but companies can’t afford to do it on their own and hence get benefitted by delegating it to outsourcing firms. 

Operating the data using analytics 

The complexity of data indicates the level of difficulty a company faces while trying to translate that data into business value. Analysis of that data …

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