Virtual Reality, So What’s All the Fuss About?

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Virtual reality has become one of the fastest growing industries in our modern age. A once exclusive sideshow has now become affordable and widespread. Major companies such as Google, Facebook, Sony and HTC, all have massively invested in the emerging technology and are driving it forward.

The most widespread use of VR today is within the video games industry. A medium, where immersion into the game world is key, VR is a natural fit. There are already a number of brands pushing the boundaries of our virtual experiences. Oculus Rift, Sony Playstation VR and the HTC Vive all offer high-end headsets to purchase and play at home. But is the future of VR in our society?

Aside from gaming, virtual reality has many implications, some rather frightening, some potentially beneficial. Within the business world, people could potentially conduct meetings anywhere in the world. One would only need a headset and access to a virtual boardroom. Communication between people would become that much more interactive.

In education, children might one day be taught entirely online. Books being replaced by a virtual world, where they’re not only told what happens, but can literally see it happening. Imagine a program that allows students to see how everything …

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