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We work with a host of clients, helping them bring massive spaces, data and physical assets into the digital world. The technology makes it possible for anyone, located anywhere in the world, to explore their space in both 3D and virtual reality (VR). Tens to hundreds of thousands of square feet – and all of the details and assets inside and out – can be at your fingertips online, with varied levels of access to provide any audience the amount of detail they require. 

It was exciting to see Flexential (formerly Peak 10 + Viawest) using VR at a trade show, where the company was able to “bring” their Gen 4 data center facility along for the ride. A conference attendee would enter the Flexential booth, strap on a pair of Oculus Rift VR goggles, and take an in-depth tour of a Flexential data center, complete with an in-tour quiz to help people learn more about how the facility operates or be fully immersed in 360° panoramas.

No kidding – there was a line of people waiting to take the virtual tour. And it generated buzz and interest – exactly what you want at a tradeshow. VR opens up the door to …

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