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We are living in a world where everything is networked together, from online transactions to government infrastructure, and therefore, network protection will no longer be an optional extra. Today, cyber-attack has become an international issue, as high-profile infringements have caused many problems that hacks and various security attacks could harm the global economy.  

A cyber-attack is commonly known as the deliberate exploitation of computer systems and various enterprises which depend on technology and networks. The malicious code and software are the main targets for a cyber-attacker, with which he can alter the computer code, logic, or data. This scenario results in disruptive consequences that can make way to cyber-crimes such as theft of data and identity or system infiltration.

About Cyber Kill Chain

To help organizations to get rid of cyber-attacks, a new framework known as “The cyber kill chain” was developed by a Lockheed Martin to identify and prevent cyber intrusion activity. This is an industry accepted methodology for understanding how an intruder can cause harm to your organization through his activities.

Understanding the cyber kill chain effectively can assist the information security professional to maintain strong countermeasures and controls, which will help in protecting their organization’s assets.

The cyber kill chain …

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