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Any new tool or technology has the potential to be put to use for good purposes or, unfortunately, for harmful purposes. Artificial intelligence is no different. As we see the rapid progress occurring in the AI space, lots of attention has been paid to all of the good uses of AI. However, it is inevitable that those with nefarious intent are also studying AI successes with an eye toward how to twist them into tools to pursue their less than honorable goals.

Is That Video Actually Real?

Most people today take for granted that if you see a video of someone saying something, then there is no doubt that they said it. However, researchers have built some impressive AI processes that take as input historical video and audio of a speaker. The process then not only parses together audio that sounds authentic but also creates a very realistic fake video of the person speaking the made-up words.

Check out this video that fakes words from presidents Obama, Bush, and Trump. Here is a video you can watch that feigns former president Obama providing an endorsement. Who is he endorsing in the fake video? The company that has created a product that can mimic people’s audio and video …

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