How We Used Design Thinking to Imagine the KI SOCIAL

It is without a doubt that social media prevails into every aspect of our life. Social media has experienced a rapid growth in the number of users and has become the subject of the increasing amount of big data discuss. The potentials of analyzing the big data contained on social media appears to be most promising in the context of marketing campaigns as they can allow for wider public engagement and participation.


In 2017, social media is an inescapable part of any business or marketing campaign strategy.  Especially for those trained for their career paths in ways that did not include social media, it can be challenging to connect with your audience in the ways that they desire and expect. Thankfully, social media analytics offers a way to remain competitive in a constantly evolving social media landscape. With so many tools on the market, our clients still faced challenges, whether it be the cost, or ease or access or even functionality of the current tools on the market. Software design for social media analytics, therefore, depended on innovation.

For many software companies, two common viewpoints triumph on how to create value in their business. One side ascribes prominence to analytical thinking, judgement and inevitability. The other side highlights intuitive thinking and raw originality.

However, at KI Design, we believe that our best strategy lies in a third perspective, grounded in the views of our users and real-life clients, known as design thinking. Design thinking is a protocol for solving problems and discovering new opportunities. Asking the right questions to our clients—solving the right problems that matter to our potential users—is at the core of design thinking.

Following asking the questions, we built features based on their respondents and then asked what they thought in a continuous cycle of updating and asking under we finally had an upgraded system that had the appropriate amount of integration. It was only when our clients were very happy, that we were happy enough to launch the KI SOCIAL.

Essentially, we started working with customers, defining problems before jumping to a solution, and testing product ideas before launching to ensure whatever came forward met all our clients’ needs.

Doing so yielded guaranteed results —results, that exceed initial expectations, and we think you will agree.

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