US Netizens are Vulnerable than Ever – Is It Time to take Cyber Security Serious?

I have been in this career for more than 10 years now, and it seems like we still are at square one. It was back in 1970-1995 when Kevin Mitnick had an advantage since he was a groundbreaking hacker before the little script kids that are now surfacing up the scene. Mitnick penetrated the most high profile network using social engineering schemes. He once tricked the insiders by revealing access codes and passwords. This is now called phishing, which is also automated, gosh I miss those days.

In 1988 Morris worms started making the news. What started as a playful exercise and launched from a computer lab at MIT ended much faster than it was anticipated. Robert Morris was the first one to violate computer abuse and fraud activity.

In 2011 things took a steep turn and shifted gears, when Stuxnet worms entered. This was the first weaponized attack when it targeted Iran’s nuclear program. This also caused physical damage to their uranium enrichment and was not done by a lone hacker or a script kiddie but was a collective effort of a nation-state.

The Internet is growing, Can we Control it?

If we have a global network which was once designed to be …

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