Universal Jobmatch privacy impact assessment

agnes fairchilds wrote:

pdf file can be found at DWP publications

This is what the assessment says on consent:

“6.Who are you sharing the personal information with?
6.1 The personal information on jobseeker CV’s is only shared with employers
when there is jobseeker consent. “

Earlier post unemploymentmovement.com/forum/job-centr…es-your-consent.html

Does this apply to work related benefit claimers? As item 1.6 talks about having to share “information” and 6 about consent

“1.6. Where a JSA claimant is told by DWP to apply for a job, they will be required to
share information
, this situation is no different to that prior to the introduction of
Universal Jobmatch”

Though 1.2 on JSA claimers does use the word “choice”, which could be an attempt to disguise the word consent. Plus always puzzled why the DWP refers to a CV as a “public” CV.

Those Jobseeker Allowance (JSA) claimants, that are mandated to use the service
via a Jobseeker Direction, will be required to create a Universal Jobmatch account
and place a public curriculum vitae (CV) on the service. Jobseekers can have up to 5
CV’s on the service, only one can be made ‘public’ at a time. A public CV is one that
links to employers who are doing searches for a certain type of jobseeker with
specific skills. The employer does not have access to the full CV at this point. If
the employer then contacts the jobseeker then the jobseeker has the choice to release
the full original CV to the employer. “

Some new UJM FOIs www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/all_versi…al_j#outgoing-476574


“While the DWP is already the data controller for the information, it would be considered ‘unfair’ for the UJM information to be used to consider the customer’s JSA (or similar benefit) claim without the prior permission of the customer being obtained by the DWP”
via wwwrefuteddotorgdotuk.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/unfair/