Top Security Measures To Keep Your IT Assets Safe

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New security breaches are reported more frequently today than ever before. According to the ITRC mid-year report for 2017, the number of tracked data breaches in the US increased to 791, up by 29% from the figures in 2016. Inappropriate handling of IT assets and inadequate access control may expose critical information to an attacker. IT Asset Management has an important role in safeguarding an organization against security breaches. Many organizations do not realize this and keep ITAM confined to inventory functions for life-cycle management. In many organizations, especially the ones without dedicated teams looking over the security of IT assets, ITAM is the department that is tangentially responsible for this. We discuss the top security measures by which an organization can safeguard itself against security breaches by effectively using ITAM.

Establish IAM Based Access Control for Assets

The first step the ITAM department of an organization must take is to be integrated into the Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. Giving the ITAM department the ability to control which entity has access to which assets and under what constraints enables a tighter information flow. Only the right entity that has the right reasons to have access to an asset is allowed to …

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