Top Four Competencies a Data Scientist Should Have

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Jobs in the niche of data science is quite lucrative in terms of fat-pay package and adequate job exposure. But the role of a data scientist may slightly vary from one company to other. For example, in the Indian job market, almost every Java software development company that deals with data science and data management, recruits data scientists but the role may vary depending on the nature of data the company deals with. This year unveils enormous job prospects for data scientist provided they acquire these four competencies.

Proficiency in quantitative analysis

Quantitative analysis is one of the most pivotal skills of a data scientist which helps him in acquiring knowledge about a set of data for three major reasons. These are   

Experimental design and concerning analysis: This mode of analysis works for consumer market-related data, where a data scientist can help a lot.
Machine learning:  This is one of the most intricate roles a data scientist plays. A data scientist helps in creating prototypes for testing assumptions, selection and creation of needed features, as well as he helps in recognizing the areas of strength and prospect in obtainable machine learning systems.
Simulation of complex economic or growth system: In this area, a data scientist checks …

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