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A recent survey on Marketing & AI by Brightedge found 29% of people believe ‘Consumer Personalisation’ is the fastest growing marketing trend, 26% rated ‘AI’ and ‘21.23% said ‘Voice Search’ is getting widely popular. AI applications are clearly dominating internet marketing big time which constantly remains the biggest challenge for all businesses alike, small and enterprise.

Ecommerce or mobile commerce market isn’t excluded. The industry is soaring like anything. AI has helped to transform customer interface to a great extent in the recent times. Big data is already helping to provide a personalized experience and improve business operations. The focus is slightly more on AI-driven marketing applications, which would continue for a while until AI gets smarter and less expensive.

No e-commerce business can survive on a limited number of customers purely because it’s a product based industry. Upselling and cross selling can’t equal the percentage of fresh sales. Tricks to induce online sales and how to increase traffic are still brainstormed in kick off meetings every morning.

AI is in an initial phase, especially for online commerce. Industries in Healthcare and Automotive being more specialized, are already enjoying the upgraded version of AI. However, given the rate at which ecommerce is surging, a …

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