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The amount of data that we’re creating is unbelievable. With the growth of data, the need for analyzing and identifying patterns and trends in data becomes critical. Therefore, the need for big data analytics is more than ever. That brings us to the question ‘Where is the big data industry headed?’ While there are several predictions doing the rounds, I have the topmost 10 big data predictions that will dominate the future of the big data industry.

1. Increased demand for data scientists

It is clear that as data is growing, the demand for big data is also growing. Demand for data scientists, analysts and data management experts is on the rise. The gap between the demand and availability of people who are skilled in analyzing big data trends is widening. It is for you to decide if you wish to hire offshore data scientists/data managers or hire an in-house team.

2. Businesses will prefer algorithms instead of software

Businesses prefer purchasing algorithms instead of creating their own. It gives them more customization options compared to a situation when they buy software. Software cannot be modified as per user requirements rather businesses have to adjust as per the software.

3. Businesses will invest more in big data

IDC analysts predict …

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