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With 2018 halfway over, I call on everyone to forget your organization for a moment and make a conscience plan to invest in yourself. 1-2-3. Think of it as “three steps to a better me.”  It’s fun too!

Here is an assignment for us now (should you decide to accept it): do one thing in each of three categories: HPC, AI, Cloud.


Our assignment for HPC is this: Complete at least one of the following three choices.  Extra credit: splurge on yourself and do all three.

Ask vendors for recommendations on how to get a day of technical training that sounds interesting to you and your team.  Of course, you can do a Google search and find many online courses and videos on your own.  Regardless of how you find the content – give it your full attention and learn!
Attend an HPC conference, and find time to soak it in. The International Supercomputing Conference in Germany (just completed this year), and Supercomputing in the USA (coming up in November!), are the two largest to consider. The key is to give yourself time to engage!
Attend a User Group for a software package (CFD, CAD, etc.) you use or think you should learn about. This is …

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