The Top Professionals of Your Big Data Team

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We are now in the age of Big Data, with businesses using facts and figures collected through data analysis to help make strategic business decisions, as well as to gain an edge over their competitors.

Fast becoming a major asset used across all departments of an organisation, not only IT and Security, the algorithmic approach and predictive analysis techniques associated with Big Data are successfully fueling a new era for business.

To harness the power of Big Data in a business scenario, having a team of skilled professionals at your disposal is a definite advantage. Below is a list of essential members of your Big Data team.

The Scientist

A Data Scientist with extensive industry knowledge is like gold dust. Highly skilled in their trade, they can handle and process raw data as well as implement specialised statistical techniques to interpret and uncover unique patterns.  

Showcasing confidence using Big Data-specific programming languages such as Python, R. and SQL,  a Data Scientist will also have a strong statistical and machine learning background; this will enable them to support conclusions they draw from analysed data.

The Architect

When data is collected, it’s often unstructured and in need of a practised hand to transform it into something readable. Hiring …

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