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Metadata management, lately, has emerged as one of the most important practices in organizations. The underlying reason being the increased usage of big data and cloud platforms, and the tendency of information to get scattered in the absence of efficient metadata management. This has necessitated the need for organizations to adopt the best in metadata management practices in order to manage the information assets within the. In simple terms, metadata management is the efficient administration of data that describes other data.

The most efficient metadata management platforms in the market are characterized by their ability to provide a user with easy access to information on key attributes in a user interface. The easier it is for a user to locate a data asset, the better the platform may be considered. Moreover, they also simplify sharing and accessibility of data for everyone in the organization.

On that note, let’s turn our attention to some of the best metadata management platforms available today.


Alation provides everyone in an organization with a single point of reference for all kinds of enterprise data, including data glossaries, Wiki articles, and business dictionaries. Its data catalog indexes data by source, while monitoring its usage, thereby giving users …

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