The Symbiotic Relationship between IoT and Analytics

Throughout history, the business world has been driven forward by new technologies, with these developments rapidly redefining what companies are capable of doing. As early business adopters take advantage of these technological opportunities, it often becomes apparent to industry observers that there exists a mutually beneficial relationship between new technologies which impact the growth of both.

We’re seeing one example of this phenomenon today, with the growing importance of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics technologies in businesses worldwide.

Most industry observers already understand that each of these technologies will play a tremendously important role in the business world of the future, but by looking at the symbiotic relationship between the two that we can best understand what each has to offer.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a collective term for all smart devices in the world capable of generating and delivering data without human intervention. The Internet of Things is set to redefine our understanding of how our industrial systems operate, and the potential upside for the business world is massive.

How does Analytics fit in?

The development of analytics technology closely mirrored the beginning of the big data era. As organizations saw the exponential growth of …

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