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The recent boom of Bitcoin has brought cryptocurrencies into the limelight of media and business attention. Previously not that well-known token called XRP has taken the center stage and is now one of the front-runners. It represents a cryptocurrency that is linked to Ripple’s blockchain, which is marketed as a global, real-time settlement network.

The increase in value was impressive in 2017, to say the least, and this rising tide has prompted some to claim that the sky is the limit for this altcoin. Others, however, see its Icarus-like downfall inevitable.  

Two sides of the coin

Bitcoin has paved the way for many other altcoins to enter the big game and it’s natural that people compare XRP to the top tog. Namely, it’s clear that Ripple’s market capitalization (it peaked at $148 billion) is playing catch-up with Bitcoin. However, putting them in the same pot can be misleading.

Yes, both have undergone a surge and represent hot cryptocurrencies, but they don’t have that many similarities. In fact, XRP is different from Bitcoin in few crucial ways. First of all, unlike the big brother, it’s not created in accordance with a particular timeline, via the process of mining on hubs like 2miners.

Instead of …

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