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Today’s warehouses are arguably smarter than ever. They feature equipment that works without constant human intervention and even gives alerts before breakdowns happen.

And, robotics equipment features substantially in these smart warehouses, making the operations safer and more efficient.

Robots Help Prepare Items for Shipment

People are accustomed to not having to wait very long when they order things online. Some providers, such as Amazon, fulfill orders within hours. Also, companies in the online grocery industry deal with perishable items and must figure out the best ways to get those products from warehouses to customers’ doorsteps before they spoil.

As such, robots are an integral part of the workforces at distribution centers and fulfillment centers. They get tasks like loading and unloading or picking products from respective areas of a warehouse. In Amazon’s case, the company uses more than 100,000 robots in its facilities around the world.

The company primarily needs the robots to supplement human work, not replace it. Without the reliance on robots, though, Amazon wouldn’t be able to ship items out so quickly and keep its customers satisfied.

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