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As time goes on, it seems that there’s very little left in the world that is purely “analog” anymore. The business world is digital nowadays, and there are many benefits attached to that reality. The caveat is that there are inherent risks that come along with the digitization of society, and cybercriminals know it. Now that the IoT has grown and the world is becoming increasingly wireless, we’ve finally reached the point where even small businesses and private citizens are falling victim to data breaches and cyberattacks.

The problem is that as sophisticated as technology and IT security get, malicious actors, are always one step ahead, equally (if not slightly more) sophisticated themselves. Organizations are struggling to keep up and adapt to such a harsh digital landscape, while simultaneously recognizing that there’s no doing business outside of said landscape. This presents a catch-22 that becomes more visible within IT security every day.

Fortunately, advanced analytics and machine learning are presenting new opportunities in security fields. These much-needed innovations are bringing a modicum of certainty back to a nebulous arena and proving to be effective instruments in the face of old, dull tools.

The Issue of Human Error

The way that we currently protect ourselves …

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