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We are witnessing the constant and ongoing change of the music industry today. We consume songs quite differently than before; we take our music everywhere thanks to the portable speakers, iPod’s, smartphones and so on. Also, the way artists record music and the different ways they release it has drastically changed as well. Another thing that changes equally in today’s business world is big data. When these two unite, some great conclusions come to our mind.

One such conclusion is that the music industry takes care of what people are listening. This was not the case in the past. The music industry also takes care of where and when people are listening t music, which formats they use the most and so on. Spotify is a company which discovered that one of its listeners listened to Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” for more than 40 times. This certainly made them ask what did the poor guy do?

Remember the last time you heard a song and automatically started nodding your head. Don’t think that happens by accident. Big data today can even predict which song will become popular. For example, at the University of Antwerp, Belgium, developed an algorithm which managed to calculate …

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