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Data security is a growing concern for business owners, with several prominent breaches affecting the market in recent years. Alongside other data security measures your business is likely already taking such as password-enabled tiered user access and two-step authentication there’s another step you can take to enhance the security and privacy of your sensitive financial information: network and system virtualization. Creating virtual networks and firewalls can exponentially increase the security of your data and protect your business and clients from breaches and leaks of sensitive payment and business information.

How Virtualization Can Protect Your Data

Virtualization has its place in both, terminal machines and networking. Using a virtual machine on your desktop and laptop computers can protect the core system from malicious code and vulnerabilities, as the virtual operating system doesn’t have access to your containing system. This level of security is achieved by using software like VMware and VirtualBox to create virtual instances of entire computing systems on a psychical desktop. Virtual systems can contain their own operating system, which may differ from the operating system on the host machine. When employees and end-users in your business access the internet from such virtual machines, they don’t risk exposing your physical drives …

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