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An article published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that big data will play a decisive role in the labour markets by 2040. In reality, though, that has already started happening on a large scale. Big data tools are already mainstream in a lot of administrative tasks including recruitment, productivity management, corporate strategy and marketing.

One segment that has relatively been untouched by big data is corporate training. The past decade has seen a dramatic transformation in the way workers are onboarded and trained at corporate workplaces. Classroom training has been overwhelmingly replaced by learning management systems and remote training tools. Despite the ubiquity of technology, big data has not been extensively used.

That may, however, be changing. Experimental use of big data analytics in universities like Georgia State University has helped increase the overall graduation rate by over 22 points. Predictive analytics based on big data have been used by educators to identify course recommendations, student learning patterns and so on.

These lessons may now be used to optimize the pedagogical approach for corporate training as well.

Identifying Training Needs

Workplace training is a continuous process, and the objective here is to upskill or reskill employees to make sure that their skill sets …

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