The Google Analytics Data You Need for a Dynamite Content Strategy

Healthy and sick patients alike turn to lab tests to measure exactly what’s going on inside their bodies. Similarly, both successful and struggling companies can use data (the marketing equivalent of a lab test) to measure which of their content pieces bring the greatest health to the company.

Data has weighed heavily on the minds of marketers over the past year. Informatica blogger Myles Suer declared 2016 as “The Year of Data and Relevance.” DataOn blog speculates that “2016 will be the year in which the world will start producing more data than we can store.”

Marketers are finding more and more ways to use data to drive their strategies to success. There’s still plenty of time to bring data into your marketing efforts, particularly in regard to your content marketing strategy.

Data Reveals What the Consumer Craves

Content paired with data creates the marketer’s Holy Grail: relevance. A data-driven content strategy ensures you’re getting relevant information in front of the right audience at the right time.

When a marketer can see which of their content pieces earned the most clicks, which held the viewer’s attention the longest, and which sent consumers to sales pages most often, they can streamline content strategy and increase content …

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