The Future of Work – Without the Hype

There is an overwhelming sense of the uncanny when it comes to the prospect of Artificial Intelligence taking our jobs. But, dystopian hype aside, the future of work is something that needs to be given real thought and consideration in order to secure a future that works for everyone. This goes beyond being simply a technological problem but a societal one.

We are defined by what we do within our society. Just think, when you first meet someone the question ‘what do you do?’ will always spring into conversation. “I’m a data scientist”, “I’m an engineer” or the like will be your answer, rather than the many other things that you do and find joy in doing regularly. “I’m a gamer”, “I binge watch Netflix” or even “I’m an avid environmentalist” just wouldn’t suffice. So how do we navigate a future where AI takes our defining roles away?

The entire ritual of work has become so ingrained in us. We get up at the same time each day, morning commute, attend meetings, answer emails, leave for the commute home at the same time each day and so on. Alleviating ourselves from this routine could open up huge possibilities for the progression of …

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