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Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connection of various electronic and network enabled devices through the internet. This concept is beneficial, especially to the ever evolving education system.

How it Helps Students

It helps students learn at their pace. With IoT, you can use your smartphone to get further clarification about what you learned.
Before online degrees became the future of education, you were limited in terms of what and where you could learn. IoT has opened new opportunities for people that wish to study from anywhere at any time.
IoT enables learners to be open towards asking questions because it is individualized. This means that it increases student engagement.
IoT allows students to track their learning progress and evaluate their performance and results.

How it Helps Educators

IoT gives you access to a number of high-quality teaching materials. You can use the tools provided to create special content for your students and then send it to them directly to their tablets and smartphones.
IoT automates the learning process and allows you as an educator to track student attendance. For those that don’t attend class, you can follow up on them individually through the online system, and find out their reasons without making them feel uncomfortable.
IoT also …

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