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As I write this, there are two major developments affecting the future of content marketing. The first development has already rolled out on Facebook, and it’s a hint of what may come to be on an even broader level. I wrote about this in my post about the changing face of social media marketing.

According to Shade Digital owner Ryan McDonald, “The same tactics allegedly used by Russians to interfere with our election via bots, social media and ‘fake news’ can be used by almost any organization at a relatively low cost.” That used to be the case, but not anymore on one particular social network. As a result of bad actors — namely, Russia and fake news trolls who manipulated Facebook to their (and Donald Trump’s) advantage — Facebook has altered its algorithm.

The second development that will affect content marketing and the big data marketing landscape is GDPR. Together, the Facebook development and GDPR are going to mix quite the interesting cocktail for marketers who use big data to inform their content strategies.

The Facebook Development

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see publisher or advertiser content in my Facebook newsfeed anymore. If you do see it, that’s because a …

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