The Future is All about AI Devices That Can Actually Serve Us

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The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) devices in augmenting humans and in achieving tasks that were previously considered unachievable is just amazing. With the world progressing towards an age of unlimited innovations and unhindered progress, we can expect that AI will have a greater role in actually serving us for the better.

Since I have been associated with this wave of change towards AI-driven technologies and modules, I have literally been amazed at the ground we have covered during the last couple of years or so. As the technology behind AI gets revamped and updated on a regular basis, we can expect the wave of change to serve us in an even better way in the future.

A few cases of AI at work currently really do make us excited about the future of this technology. Some of the examples of this technology include:

We now have AI personal assistants to help us in tackling everyday tasks that were becoming a bit overwhelming in the past. These digital assistants can help streamline what you are doing, and come in handy to get your schedule on the right track. The potential for smart apps goes far beyond digital assistants. Many mobile applications are starting …

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