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If you want evidence that future technology is going to be radically transformative, just look at the 1990s. They were crazy.

There was such a surge in neuroscience research that one American president dubbed it “the decade of the brain.” This period also saw the propagation of the modern internet, forever changing the way people interacted with information.

That was just 20 short years ago. I remember this time fondly because I felt a distinctly positive impact from this rise of technology. The internet was my personal Library of Alexandria. I came of age with easy access to WIRED Magazine, the Whole Earth Catalog, and most of the world’s published books. As a curious kid interested in science and technology, I started consuming content that painted this subject matter in a different, more mature light.

I read work by people who described technology as something that’s co-evolving alongside humanity. I learned about emergent topics like “transhumanism” and “superintelligence,” words that entered my vocabulary early on and later informed my education and career. I studied math and computer science at school, then co-founded an artificial intelligence startup in the manufacturing space.

I wanted to follow my curiosity and expand my education in ways that the …

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